Elaine Allan

The West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea-to-Sky riding will benefit by having John Weston as it Member of Parliament again. John Weston can hit the ground running and get things done for his constituents and community.  After two-terms of Liberal mismanagement, Canada’s economy and reputation on the international stage are in disrepair.  John Weston can help get Canada back on track.  That’s why I’m supporting John Weston.

– Elaine Allan, Executive Director & CEO (Non-Profit Sector) & Former Candidate for the nomination, West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country

Jason Kenney

I’m excited to see that my good friend John Weston has put his name forward to serve once more as MP for West Vancouver.

I worked closely with John during our time together in Stephen Harper’s government. John was a true leader in reaching out to new Canadians. He is a principled, modern conservative with an unstoppable work ethic, who pursues public service for all the right reasons. I wish him every success in this campaign.

— Hon Jason Kenney, former Canadian Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Norman Archer

I am delighted to lend my whole-hearted support behind John Weston’s Candidacy. His unique leadership skills, exceptional intellectual acumen, sensitive spiritual perception, and considerable political experience make him the ideal choice.

– Norman Archer, Pastor Emeritus

David C. Bentall

I have known John Weston for over 3 decades. Over the years, he has demonstrated that he can be counted upon, not just as a leader, but also as a friend. I was there when he first announced his candidacy for office in 2008. At that time, I noted that we need more people like John in Ottawa. He brings intellectual rigor, enthusiasm, and integrity to everything he does. He is also full of energy and a man of principle. I am therefore delighted to offer my enthusiastic support for John in his quest for re-election, and I do so without reservation.

– David C. Bentall, Family Enterprise Advisor & FFI Fellow

Michael Bentley

John Weston’s previous effective representation and intimate knowledge of the varied issues in the riding makes him especially qualified to seek the nomination and contest the next election. Characterized not only by his love of Canada, but also by humility, accountability and consistently high ethical standards. A quick story  – when John was an MP going back and forth to Ottawa, he always flew economy, even when offered a free upgrade. I’d call that ethical to a fault!

– Michael Bentley, Business Owner

David Bromley

As someone who has a leadership role in the global implementation of clean technology, I support John Weston. He has a clear understanding of the codependent relationship of the world’s economy and the state of the global environment. John is also very concerned about the polarization of sectors within our communities. Instead he sees communities as a network of individuals who have both rights and responsibilities. He understands the importance of the rule of law and one law for all.

– David Bromley, Environmental Engineer

Vivienne Bromley

John Weston did a phenomenal job as our Member of Parliament for 8 years. He accomplished a lot with grace and determination and carried the voice of his constituents and their concerns back to Ottawa. He created HEY Day and the MP Book award and annually, brought the community together to share in the excitement of Asian New Year, jumped over fire at Nourouz. Over the years, John’s constituency office team successfully solved hundreds of casefiles that constituents had with various departments of the federal government; from Immigration, to Canada Revenue, to lost passports, John always took the extra step. John Weston’s record is extraordinary; it is spotless and is admirable.

– Vivienne Bromley, Businesswoman

Calvin Chrustie

I have had the opportunity to work with John in both the public and private sector in a host of crisis and security related issues in the last decade. Consistent with others is his reputation for integrity, honesty, humility, empathy, and respect for others. In light of the convergence of business with security issues in an increasing polarized global community, I believe John has the networks, relationships and principles to navigate and lead Canadians during an increasing challenging time in history.

– Calvin Chrustie, Critical Risk Advisor, former Senior RCMP Senior Ops Officer for Transnational Organized Crime, United Nations Peacekeeper Veteran

Esther Chu

From 15 years of knowing John, I’m struck by his passion for serving the community, with unwavering integrity.  His fluency in Mandarin and understanding of the Chinese culture are two of his greatest assets, as our past – and future – MP.  Many of my Mandarin-speaking friends have been drawn into public service by John’s ability to engage with them.

– Esther Chu, Businesswoman; community volunteer

Stockwell Day

While skills, languages, and experience are important for public service – and John is equipped well in those areas – character is #1 in building trust.  John can be relied upon to do the right thing regardless of who’s looking.

– The Hon. Stockwell Day, P.C., Former President of the Treasury Board and Former Minister of Public Safety

Ed Fast

I was very pleased to learn that my great friend and former colleague, John Weston, has again put his name forward to serve as the Conservative MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country. John was originally elected in 2008, and I was able to observe from close quarters his formidable leadership qualities. What distinguished John were a tireless work ethic, a creative mind, and a heart for serving others. I believe that his proven commitment to servant leadership eminently qualifies John to again represent his community in Parliament.

– Hon. Ed Fast, MP and former Minister of International Trade

Cammy Fung

Having worked with John for many years to organize events, such as the North Shore Asian New Year Celebration, I have witnessed his dedication, commitment and sincerity in reaching out to constituents hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds. I know him to be a strong team leader who is effective, capable and accountable as an M.P.

– Cammy Fung, Entrepreneur

Roger Garriock

As a former EDA President and retired business leader, I have had the opportunity to meet numerous MPs and Cabinet Ministers from across Canada…and representing ALL parties, but John Weston stands out as one of the finest MPs I have ever had the privilege to meet. John is the hardest working, brightest, most progressive, best listener, tireless worker, empathetic, action oriented…and ‘fittest’ individual I have ever met. John deserves everyone’s support in the next election.

– Roger Garriock, former EDA President; retired business leader

Stephen Day

As someone with experience in the military sector, I value vision, discipline, and good interpersonal skills.  From having a front-row seat in observing John Weston at work, I’ve observed someone who does not get perturbed by the distractions of the moment, but who keeps his eye firmly on long-term objectives, for the benefit of his community and everyone he serves.”

– Stephen Day, CEO, Reticle Ventures Canada Inc.; Former Commanding Officer of Canada’s elite Special Forces Unit JTF2

Rick Goossen

Having known John Weston for over 30 years I can confirm that he has lived the qualities we need in political leaders:  high integrity, compassion and intelligence.  We often wish someone we respect would enter the political fray—in this case he has.

– Rick Goossen, Chairman, Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization

Val and Peter Griffiths

John Weston initiated The Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act, enacted later by the Liberal Government, and The Pacific Salmon Foundation, conveying concerns of the Sea to Sky Fisheries Roundtable to Parliament. With his passion for health and fitness he can certainly identify with the residents of Squamish, also known as the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”.

– Val and Peter Griffiths

Matt Gul

John Weston in an outstanding man, always going above and beyond for the community and wanting to make long lasting positive impact. He is an exceptional candidate for a unique community like ours.

– Matt Gul, One of West Vancouver’s Top Realtors

Yun Kang

In one word, John is ‘persistent’.  In the ten years I have known him, he has consistently sought to learn from and work with a diversity of people within the community. He has an everlasting passion to serve the public and empower those around him. I believe his drive to never settle for less makes John an excellent candidate for Member of Parliament.

– Yun Kang, Pharmacist

Rose Kamyab

John Weston has been a consistent advocate for the community he represents and a true role model to those around him. His leadership embraces compassion, hard work and a willingness to listen to his constituents and represent their true needs. I have always looked up to John in standards of fairness and empathy, which I witnessed first-hand with his extensive advocacy for the Persian-Canadian community, and hope to mirror his passion for representing people as they are, without prejudice and regard for stereotypes.

– Rose Kamyab, Research Assistant and Digital Communications Professional

Lynn Kanuka

I have come to know John through his incredible commitment to the health of our Nation as Founder of the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute. As a Mother, Olympic Medalist Runner and Coach, I am so pleased to endorse John’s bid to seek his riding’s Conservative party nomination. It is perhaps the biggest race of all to be committed to our country at a time when unity, purpose, strength and digging deep for the best possible effort have never been more important.

– Lynn Kanuka, Olympian, Coach, Elite Athlete Coordinator

David Kilgour

As someone who has served on both sides of the aisle in Parliament, I look for leaders who unify, who rise above partisanship, who speak with vision to community and national needs.  John is someone who has enormous empathy, intelligence, and knowledge.

– David Kilgour, Former Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific, Human Rights Advocate, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Pearl Last

By virtue of his career-long work in constitutional affairs and government relations, John knows how to get things done, for Indigenous People and others.  His commitment to fairness, human rights, and the rule of law make John a great advocate.  Through his style of servant leadership, he works to bring out the good things in many different types of people, for the benefit of all.

– Pearl Last, McLeod Lake Band Tse’khene Elder.

L. H. (Mike) Michalson

I was a person who had never belonged to a political party, that is, until I met John Weston, who made me realize that we sorely need people of his caliber representing us in Ottawa.  An example of this goes back to when the Kitsilano Search and Rescue base was shut down, leaving boaters, both Commercial and Pleasure, in a most serious predicament.  Grasping the need, he quickly convened a meeting of Professional boaters, myself included, as a long-time Pleasure boater.  Going against the decision of the Prime Minister, he took the results of this meeting directly to the Prime Minister.  Although John did not prevail at the time, the base is now back in business.  John is a man who cares deeply about his country, and is more than willing to devote his time and energy in making it a better place for all.    John always says what he means … and follows it up with action.  When election time comes, I have no doubt who I will vote for!

– L.H. “Mike” Michalson, resident of West Vancouver for 60+ years

Matriarch Nisibilada (Mercy Thomas)

I am a Nisga’a Matriarch in my Chiefs Wilp (House).

I have known John Weston for many years, especially during our Court Case in Vancouver when John made many personal financial sacrifices on our behalf. John is a man of integrity, honesty and concerns himself for the wellbeing of people in our diverse population. His knowledge of the Canadian Constitution and History works well in his favour on behalf of the people he serves as a Parliamentarian. He is the kind of person I endorse as a Representative in the Canadian Federal Government. I wish him well in this coming election.

– Matriarch Nisibilada, also known as Mercy Thoma

Dr. Jack Taunton

John has led a laudable effort to lift the physical, mental, and spiritual health of Canadians. The talented array of people that have rallied around him to form the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute are indicative of his gifts in team-building and community service. John can help brighten our prospects as the COVID cloud around us lifts.

– Dr. Jack Taunton, Chief Medical Officer on Canada’s 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Team, Director, Canadian Health and Fitness Institute

Mary Roberts

I am delighted to endorse John Weston’s candidacy.  Over the time I’ve known him, he has shown himself to be a man of integrity and an excellent role model.  He is a clear and creative thinker, always interested in moving forward and willing to invest his time accordingly.  He has useful experience in Parliament, in the law, and in international understanding.  The way he loves and supports his family and his country is a beautiful example for anyone.

– Mary Roberts, business owner and non-profit board member

Leah (Costello) Rowntree

I have deliberately stayed away from politics for the last number of years to work on some projects that will benefit from a non-partisan approach. But, I also believe that supporting excellent people should always be done, and that our community needs John in office now more than ever. The road to recovery after the pandemic is going to be a challenging one on the domestic economic and the international policy stage. His experience, vision, and collaborative approach would be a huge asset to Canada moving forward.

– Leah (Costello) Rowntree, Writer & Event Host

Mary Ann Smith

I have known John Weston for fifty years and have observed his honesty, integrity, loyalties and unselfish goals that benefit his fellow citizens. No one else I know could dedicate more time to achieving the goals he has set out in his newly launched campaign to become our MP once again.

– Mary Ann Smith, Bowen Island

Paul Wagler

John Weston was one of the best MP’s in Canada and certainly the best the Sunshine Coast ever had. He serves every person he meets to the best of his ability, regardless of background. He cares deeply for our natural environment, for justice, for our economic well being, and to help those who are in greatest need.

– Paul Wagler, retired business leader

Robert Young

I felt sincerely heartened when I heard that John was running again for Member of Parliament for West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country.  I was pleased for him and for the Conservative Party of Canada, but most importantly, I was pleased for my country.  Without question, Canada needs good people like John.  He brings to the table an array of strong skills and impressive attributes – honesty, sincerity, integrity, experience and his single-minded desire to make Canada a better place for all Canadians.  Your support for John’s re-election would be a positive investment in the future of our country.

– Robert Young, Security Consultant, Former Head of CSIS for British Columbia

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