My Vision and Why I’m Running Again

John Weston and family


I’m determined to play a role in putting our country back on the right track.   That’s why I support the Conservative plan to Secure the Future, promoting business growth, job creation, accountability, a budget balanced over the next decade, and a secure environment.

On a local basis, residents of our riding have led me to focus on six specific priorities, each of which was featured in the “Things That Matter” Webinar series that unfolded from January through June.  As Canada stirs itself out from under a dark spell of the pandemic and faulty leadership, these “Things” matter more than ever.

Health and Fitness

Living in this beautiful and active part of the world, we sometimes forget a health and fitness crisis is facing Canadians. The pandemic has shown the importance for Canadians to prepare for the unexpected.  As Founder of the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute, I’m delighted that Erin O’Toole has committed to supporting my efforts to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth by 2030,” a commitment that initiated under the National Health and Fitness Day Act, which I quarterbacked with then-Senator Nancy Greene Raine.

Building our economy

I’ll work with people in our communities to continue my previous work as M.P. to attract investment and create jobs. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau constantly undermines our economy and our investment climate.  He took two years to prepare a Budget, while other cities and provinces managed to meet their budget accountability for your hard-earned tax dollars.  Ottawa can and must do better before our country’s overwhelming debt comes due.

Fortifying our environment

For Conservatives, rebuilding Canada’s economic and environmental health is the cornerstone of our approach to combat climate change and secure the future for all Canadians. As a Green Tory, I’m determined to weave together feasible, environmentally friendly policies that keep our economy alive.  I would not be campaigning for the Conservative Party unless I had confidence that the Party and my Leader, Erin O’Toole, supported this priority.

Bolstering Our Role in Foreign Affairs

Having spent my career in areas of international business, law, and diplomacy, I’ve seen firsthand the damage done by inconsistent, unprincipled leadership.  Canada must regain its role in the world as a principled ally.  Missteps by the current administration have led foreign powers, such as the Communist Government of China, to doubt our strength and resolve, harming our interests, at home and abroad.

Improving National Security

In my professional practice with a critical risk consultancy I’m surrounded by some of Canada’s top experts in national security.  Together, we’re concerned about threats to the physical and cybersecurity of fellow Canadians.  Canada must stand firm against hostage diplomacy and hostile incursions by foreign entities.

Promoting equality of opportunity

My commitment to Reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people is consistent with my lifelong devotion to human rights.  I launched the Canadian Constitution Foundation in 2003, designed to protect your individual rights when those are menaced by intrusive governments.  As we Canadians pursue reconciliation, we must whenever possible move away from race-based rights to encourage national excellence, sovereignty, and unity.

Take Action

Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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