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Pursue Equality and Excellence

Canadians strive to be the world’s best in many sectors – science, environmental stewardship, sport, engineering, music and the arts – the list goes on. Embedded in our Constitution and national DNA is a sense of equality of opportunity. Are these competing interests? Can we promote Reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Canadians, empower disadvantaged people, and still aim to be the best in the world at the things we do?

Rebuild Our Economy

An unanticipated pandemic has devastated Canada’s economy, triggering enormous deficits and a gaping debt. Some of these consequences were unavoidable but how does our economic response compare to other countries? In a global economy, where will investment dollars end up post-COVID? How should you invest your money in such a volatile economy?

On Leadership, with Erin O’Toole

Here’s Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole discussing the Liberal Government’s temptation to tax gains on principal residences, the new Conservative commitments on the Environment, and other matters, in my interview of him on “Things That Matter” in our riding.

Manage Our Foreign Affairs

Canadians have traditionally thought globally and acted locally. We take pride in how we stick up for one another and look out for our neighbour, whoever she or he may be. Meanwhile, in an era of spiralling uncertainty, we wield diminishing influence on things that occur around us. How do tensions in the Taiwan Straits influence security at home?

Enhance Our Environment

The area John represented in the House of Commons – West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country is by nature one of the most spectacular places in Canada’s beautiful, westernmost province. Residents take pride in our environment, just as we prize our fish and our fisheries. An environmental treasure or an economic engine?

Bolster National Security

Canadians tend to think we live in a safe place, with “peace, order and good government” at the core of our Constitution. But our citizens have been nabbed abroad as part of a new phenomenon, “hostage diplomacy”. News swirls that foreign governments and business interests interfere directly with our democratic processes. Cyber security experts tell us constantly to change our digital passwords.

Reclaim National Health and Fitness

All eyes are on the pandemic, and our governments have invested untold resources to battle it.  But what about health and fitness beyond the COVID horizon? Canadians have long suffered from another pandemic – inactivity. Less than 10% of Canadians get the basic amount of physical activity they need. Obesity is on the rise, along with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mental illness. This crisis impacts people’s physical, mental, and spiritual health and the national economy.

Take Action

Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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